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Most, but not all, EU member states have ratified the UN Firearms Protocol. Liberia allows only possession of single barrel shotguns for hunting purposes. Handguns of .22, 9 mm, .357 magnum and .38 caliber are permitted only for target shooting and those who can prove a threat against their lives (who are typically also given concealed carry permits).Citizens wishing to purchase weapons must complete courses on the fundamentals of Ukrainian legislation on weapons, their technical design and rules for the safe handling of weapons, as well as practical shooting. For example, between April 2015 and March 2016 authorities in The most common household firearm is the double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun (known as DBBL 12 Bore).

Auch Absatz d „Schleudern“ findet auf die Armbrust keine Anwendung, da Schleudern in der zugehörigen Verordnung speziell definiert sind: WV (SR 514.541) Art.

Transport permits are required to take firearms from the permit-holder's residence to a specified shooting range or hunting ground, and are valid for two years. There are 102,610 registered firearms (or 22 per 100 people), including 56,000 shotguns, 10,553 pistols, 7,856 rifles, 5,369 revolvers, 501 machine guns, 477 sub-machine guns, 633 combat shotguns, 22 cannons, 7 humane killers and 2 rocket launchers. Decisions should be made after a few months. Furthermore, Czech Republic has a Gun licenses may be obtained by passing a gun proficiency exam, medical examination and having a clean criminal record. Firearms manufactured before 1890 and not using sealed cartridges are exempt from the weapon law.The UK increased firearm regulation through several Firearms Acts,An SGC allows the holder to purchase and own any number of shotguns, so long as they can be securely stored, and does not restrict purchase or storage of ammunition; additionally they may legally give shotgun ammunition to non-licence holders. Botswana's law allows possession of shotguns and rifles only.
Other common firearms are .315 bolt-action rifles (magazine capacity of 5 cartridges) and .32 revolvers (capacity of 6 cartridges).Applicants must be over the age of 21 to obtain a firearms license, and go through a background check and mental evaluation.

Anyone who inherits a firearm must have a permit even if they have no intention to ever touch or use the gun.Self-defence is not a valid reason for owning a firearm.

Scottsdale, Arizona: Bloomfield Press, 365pp.
Ich wette, manch einer hier bedauert sogar, dass es dafür kein behördliches Anmeldeformular gibt. Hunting and sporting weapons can be imported by foreigners into Ukraine with the appropriate permission of the internal affairs bodies and hunting agreements made with hunting farms or inviting ministries and other central executive authorities to participate in sports competitions.Historically and legally EU member states have their own laws which differ from one country to another which led to differences in the extent of legal access to firearms among EU countries. In 2012 however, it was claimed that police had been issuing permits to regular citizens.In 2012, Iraq relaxed its gun laws.

New England is a region comprising six states in the northeastern United States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Carrying in public places is prohibited and the minimum age is 21 years. Firearm licenses require official authorization and identity cards.Prior to 2018, only a small group of people had been eligible for firearms licenses: certain retired military personnel, police officers or prison guards; residents of settlements (in the Those holding firearms licenses must renew them and pass a shooting course every three years. Welcome to the official wiki for Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg, an alternative history for Hearts of Iron II, Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game, and Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Interactive that asks the question: "What if Germany had won the First World War?" Category B weapons have further restrictions; buyers must have a firearms license or a carry permit, and be 21, unless granted an exception for the age of 18. Firearms must be stored in a "safe place", and may be confiscated by police if the owner is found irresponsible.

Law allow carrying firearms while hunting, with 10,544 licensed to do so on land and 247 on sea.Once obtained, firearms must be stored in a safe and annually inspected by police. The amount of ammunition that can be owned is regulated by permit type. Security guards must pass these tests to renew their license to carry firearms belonging to their employers.In addition to private licenses of firearms, organizations can issue carry-licenses to their members or employees for activity related to that organization (e.g. Ammunition must be stored separately.

The results presented in a previous paper based on the fourteen countries surveyed during the first ICS and on rank correlations (Spearman's rho), suggested that gun ownership may increase suicides and homicides using firearms, while it may not reduce suicides and homicides with other means.

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