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item 1 Star Wars TCG TPM The Phantom Menace - Sando Aqua Monster - Star Wars TCG TPM The Phantom Menace - Sando Aqua Monster. In 10 BBY, Sando was promoted to Vice Admiral and served on the staff of Wilhuff Tarkin, cousin to the man Sando had served under in the Stark Hyperspace War, 34 years prior. Shortly before the Emperor’s death in 4 ABY, Sando was promoted to Fleet Admiral Task Force Viper was upgraded to being Strike Force Viper. A Acklay. A man of odd predilections, he opted for a prosthetic leg to be from a bone of a local Krayt Dragon rather than anything more functional.

Although they could grow up to 200 meters, they were rarely seen. Background While Lex Sando was born on Balmorra in the Colonies region in space, his family had a long proud history on the world of Naboo. Even though there is no proof to support this claim the family’s long connexion with Naboo led to popular acceptance of the idea that either the creature was named after the family or the family was named after the creature. When he was eight, Lex and his family took a vacation to Naboo to visit relatives, and it was then that Lex first met Palpatine who had just been elected to the Senate. When his own homeworld seceded in 21 BBY, now Commodore Sando took this reality quite hard.

As a Commander in 28 BBY he was in the Core, working on Corellia, trying to halt a rise in the amount of spice making it to the planet.

Sando aqua monsters were enormous, muscular predators that could be found in the oceans and lakes of Naboo. When it spots a victim, the beast erupts from its lair and grabs …

Um sein Gewicht von etwa 54.000 Tonnen zu halten, muss das Sando … Given back his old flag ship, the Aqua Monster, Fleet Admiral Sando made quick work of the protesters, by bombing their stronghold in Sobrik to doesn’t, and consequently destroying his own retirement fund. ―Qui-Gon Jinn.
Zwischen Fingern und Zehen hat es Schwimmhäute, damit es sich schneller fortbewegen kann. The lack of attention from his parent’s also served to present young Lex with questions as to the worth of women, as he had know real positive female influences in his life. A powerful, aquatic carnivore lurking near Naboo's core. As a Commander in 28 BBY he was in the Core, working on Corellia, trying to halt a rise in the amount of spice making it to the planet. By the time the conflict ended in 121 BBY, Liam had risen to become flag officer and had spent over half of his life fighting the Gungans. Lex Sando was a huge believer in the values of Palpatine and personal fan of the man himself, when the Republic was restructured into the Empire, Sando’s loyalty to the new regime was strengthened. Lex would have a falling out with his father at this point, a rift which would never be healed. Star Wars Hotty Number Fifty-Six: The Sando Aqua Monster Also Known As The Bigger Fish From Star Wars Episode One The Phantom Menace. Der Körperbau sieht fast so aus, als könne sich das Tier ohne wesentliche Probleme an Land bewegen. 129 notes Reblog. Life continue on much has had for years until a visit to Tatooine in 9 ABY. Lex’s great-grandfather Liam Sando was on of the first Naboo officers in the conflict, starting out as a young junior officer when the conflict began. So long as he has a fleet to command, carnage promises to be on the menu for Fleet Admiral Lex Sando.

Sando Aqua Monster. requested by the-gerogerigegege. External links Wookieepedia, the Official Star Wars Wikia

While conducting a recruit effort on the back water world, Lex managed to run into a group of Colicoid terrorists and was gravely injured in a bombing. This meant that elder Lex’s values would deeply instilled in his grandson, with the younger Lex taking pride in his family’s accomplishments and history on Naboo and he hoped that in his own life to be able to live up to the example of his great-great-grandfather Liam. In the aftermath Sando became active in the Stark Veteran Assembly, and truly saw himself as veteran Republic soldier, in spite of the paramilitary nature of the force he had belonged to.

Young Lex was not without some aspects of a more normal childhood. This trademark feature serves to both highlight his brutal nature and his questionable sanity.
This began the true military history of the Sando clan as well as planting the seeds of bitter hatred that the family has towards non-Humans. The family first became truly significant in the planet’s history when Gungan-Naboo War broke out in 150 BBY.

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