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RTL-Mediathek TV Now vorbei.

Ben and Marian try to cheer Ingo up. Luke recognizes that Marie loves Deniz. Ronny gives Lena the idea to restyle Pumpwerk themselves. Deniz carries Marie though the game show.

Jenny sees Deniz embracing Marie to suit her but she interprets it wrong.

Ronny combines caring for Alexander and a date with Chiara. Christoph finds a way to bring Vanessa and Henry out of danger. Vanessa and Richard persuade Christoph to avoid a report to the police so Maximilian can escape jail.

Christoph is not satisfied with his face to be placed on the cover of his new book. With Silvan-Pierre Leirich, Tatjana Clasing, André Dietz, Jörg Rohde. Im Mittelpunkt von Alles was zählt steht die einflussreiche Familie Steinkamp, die in Essen das Steinkamp-Zentrum betreibt und dort zu Beginn der Serie Eiskunstläufer trainiert und betreut. Vanessa convinces Nathalie: Finn doesn't want her back to fight the underutilization but because he loves her. Mo flees to the ice hall. Niclas is absentminded because his daughter is kidnapped; Simon needs him for the production. Nathalie cooks also for Finn and Isabelle. Error: please try again. Deniz makes a promo video with Marie; it gets sensual.

Simone talks with Michelle's mother Carmen.

She discovers that he uses a strong drug against headache. Chiara reacts envious on Michelle's successes.

Ben and Verena have a nice time together in No.

Annabelle prevents Jenny from harming Marie. Marie and Deniz thinks Jenny could be the perpetrator.

Steffi and Ingo give the donated sperm a chance and look forward to their child.

Jenny offers Deniz to become marketing manager. Because of tension between him and Richard, Niclas packs his bags to move out.

Fin… Ingo helps Ronny to make the best out of shards. For her career Lena neglects Marian who avoids to help her via lying. It irritates Mo when Niclas rejects his idea to let the free style elements develop within the show. Richard and Simone swear mutual faith; she has a bad conscious.

Ben, Ingo and Marian do the charity run and place the human factor above winning.

Marie tells Jenny to stop fighting with her and help Deniz to save the marriage.

Finn is jealous because: Ben spent the night with Nathalie, or Isabelle loves another. Marie shows freestyle elements when Christina comes to inspect the ice show. Jenny suspects her to be Deniz' bed partner. Dort finden. Finn verrät Malu warum er wirklich im Kloster ist...Finn will durch ein Retreat im Kloster zu sich selbst finden. Rate. Elena claims to be Christoph's assistant; Vanessa finds their Caribbean flight ticket. Richard is against Niclas' plan; Jenny decides to go on her own. Year: 2019 ... Ingo feels depressed when he thinks Steffi and Ben are now a love pair. Hospital strike without trade union.

Simone has to see her mother. Mo refrains from a police report because he lacks proof.

Christoph starts to pull through the drug deal; police stops him.
Pauline gives Finn the chance to let the hospital know about his tremor. Ingo scares the wolf away. Of all people Isabelle makes Pauline clear that Finn really loves her.

Michelle has the suspect that Mo hides something for her.

Finn and his chaperon Isabelle have fun together; Pauline catches them in a doubtful situation. 05.08.2020, 19:05 UhrStaffel 2020, Folge 3491 | Di. Steffi fears she went to bed with Sören. Brigitte's date is not her type; when Ronny intervenes she notices how adorable he is. Jenny thinks she can pull through her plan. Niclas offers his daughter Chiara a chick place to live but she discovers why he really stays in Essen.

Elif informs Steffi and Ingo that her family comes later than planned to take over the babysitting. Susanne knocks Ronny out when he tries to prevent an assault. 06.08.2020, 19:05 UhrStaffel 2020, Folge 3492 | Mi. When Ben, Ingo and Marian are watching it on TV a power failure occurs.

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