art of war: legions expedition

9. You should be able to capture enemy castle easily as they will send everything to the tower. Or the modsJust so you know, there are games that are just thatAlso where you don't have to pay for a lot of extra to play?One game i know of is called Jelly Go.

I found if after the last time we had expedition. Ive gotten 3 stars on every level except for level 20, I have 2 stars. It should be captured and have about 3-4 troops in it.With your right side castle send troops to the farthest left side castle (it has 20 troops) on your side when your middle castle has 7 troops, they will arrive at the location of your middle castle as it maxes to 10, and at that moment send troops from the middle castle to attack the same one, that way they group. Its a browser game tho and its also a flah game so its not gonna be suported after a few months, but you can still probaly play it somehow. -This is only one possible strategy, try some other ones! They will probably have 2 towers now (I just redid the level and they had the 2 right towers) which you will take care of last. In my strategy you even need to sacrifice one of your castles. You don't even need to capture the other arrow tower. If you are new to it, let’s have a look at this Art of War: Legions guide, tips. They don’t generate troops and rarely are they effective enough for you to put troops in or upgrade them. Of course you can try to upgrade your castles first but by then the enemy will have 4 or 5 and you will still have only 3 productions. Case 1 - they went right - you will lose this castle but capture their bottom one and upgrade it once.Case 2 - they went up - you will have defended your top tower and upgraded it.At this point you should have all your castles at least lvl 2, if not get them there asap. Repeat with your left castle, when your troops are passing through it send an attack. Accept the challenges of various levels and don’t forget to get extra rewards from bounty tasks! The "Deluxe legion" rewards pass costs 1600 gems but is worth it.If I've already completed all the levels, can I still buy the extra pack and claim the rewards?Level 20 gave me a bit of a problem until I just went Uber aggressive then it was simpleA community for the Art Of War: Legions mobile app by 10P STUDIO for tips and informationPress J to jump to the feed. As you capture that castle you can upgrade it once. Then I take it over with least amount of troops just so they can’t use itThis may be personal preference but I usually max my current castles before starting to attack the neutral or enemy castles. I cannot unlock Expedition 2 even though I have beat all of expedition one and... Find answers for Art of War: Legions on

That way the enemy is losing a lot of troops and you are not. Created Jan 16, 2020.

The maxed castles out of the enemy range should always be empty. Now you have 5 castles and enemy has 3. ... A community for the Art Of War: Legions mobile app by 10P STUDIO for tips and information. I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any clarification.Do you have tips for lvl 16? It’s your army, you in charge. I have tried so many different strategies and n.., Art Of War: Legions Answers for the iPhone - iPad You can't get captured 3 times, but 2 is fine. 11. If I think of anything else I’ll add itBro, I just need some help on 18. You will be the commander who leads legions of tiny armies. i cant get the 'dont let them take ur barracks 2 times' star cause the moment i upgrade something (very first second) the enemy instantly sends everything to 1 or 2 of my barracks and then the moment i want to retake it they again send everything at that same barrack.This level is actually quite fun and there are a few ways to do it, so here's one: You start by immediately sending all your units to the neutral castle on the right, the 10 unit one. Send half the troops from there, as they arrive at your middle castle send half from there and then everything you can from your left castle. In this level you want to keep upgrading your starting castles first until you max them, then send troops to take one of the side castles (lets say left side) starting from the rightmost castle you have. Thanks.That was the hardest one for me too, actually other levels are kind of easy to beat.

You should keep directing troops to your other castles that need itThis might be personal preference but I avoid archer towers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts -This level has the highest AI action diversity so it depends on what they decide to do. I have been waiting for chapter 4 for like ages now. If the enemy sends an attack to the right side arrow tower you will use castles 2-5 to attack the same tower, but not from castle 1 - you will upgrade that castle.4) With your massive troop amount and before they decay (do not upgrade the tower as you will lose it anyway) send an attack to the closest enemy tower on the side (not the center one), and send as many troops as possible (you will lose the arrow tower so no point in keeping anything in it yet, you need all the troops from it). So recently Poseidon has not gotten any love from Art of War: Legions’ player and the reason for that is due to him not being viable in the current meta. 3 comments. This way you should have the tower that the enemy has attacked and a lot of troops in it, maybe 60.-Clarificatoon for tower attacking: You have 5 castles, let's number them 1-5 from left to right. You can capture one of the enemy's castles while you wait, but the point is you want to max 5 of your castles for the 3 stars and then finish off the enemy.Notes: -You don't ever need the left neutral castle. In fact on most games I max all my existing castles before taking over anotherIf you see them send troops to a neutral castle, wait a couple seconds and send troops there as well.

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