beth and rio first kiss

So when Beth meets Rio at the bar in this tension-filled clip, the two discuss business, including who will take over running things. After the end of season 2, Paramount Network shared a sneak peek for season 3, which teased the two sharing a passionate kiss. Stakeout - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 8 What's most likely going to happen is that one of the three is going to have to "take care of him" — a crime that Ruby's already conflicted husband Stan will surely hear about.Unfortunately, going through all the work to kill Leslie likely won't be the end of their problems. ... Good Girls, Season 3 First Look - A Peek Inside the Money Room. Don't fuck think you can fuck with my business just because you fuck me. With her by my side I can reach that mountain I promised myself I would climb. If you are one of the many fans of NBC’s ‘Good Girls,’ you already are in love with bad boy Rio (Manny Montana). The one she had been waiting for, for weeks. CLIP 02/05/20. But shazam now has a Noga Erez's video of instagram live and we have an opportunity to listen full version of it. I don't want to see them in a relationship because that wouldn't really make sense. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Beth's backyard has become synonymous with her and Rio, but taking a moment to sit outside and get some fresh air could do her some good.

Rio let go of her hands and ripped open her buttoned poke-a-dot dress. I feel like they need to do something about that sexual tension, whether it's a kiss or more. Rio didn't look impressed at first, she wasn't sure if she saw amusement or annoyance in his face. '' She’s made me soft. Yeah... you heard me, 3. Would someone then have to kill Mary? All this pain for love. At this point, it looks like the series isn't asking "Will Leslie die?" Even though she tried to take my life I still want her. I'm very upset that this song hasn't been released yet. However, whatever is in the bag that Rio hands Beth at the end of the Season 2 premiere is probably not an instructional guide to tricking Leslie into skipping town.

Oh really. Earlier in the March 3 episode, Rio shot Beth's husband right in front of her just to prove how pissed he is after she tried to cross him. "You did it, you're a boss now," he says to Beth. I don't get the feeling that either of them want a relationship. 6. How far does this go and when does the killing end? !The woman I wanna be with shot my ass 3 times.

She’s my Queen and I can’t fucking stand it. Broken my spirit from the man I was because I can’t bring myself to harm her... I’ve tried. These You know fucking the boss don't get you extra perks? '' Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

While Beth, Annie, and Ruby don't want to become murderers, they'd probably be the first to admit that they wouldn't mind if he just happened to not be in their lives anymore. Also, Good Girls is not about Rio and Beth and I don't want the main focus to be on them. "While Beth, Annie, and Ruby don't want to become murderers, they'd probably be the first to admit that they wouldn't mind if he just happened to not be in their lives anymore. Beth nodded, his voice had a thin lace of playfulness but she knew what the message was. Leslie has proposed to Mary Pat to try and protect her, using the logic that a husband can't testify against a wife, and therefore he wouldn't have to reveal under oath that she extorted money from Beth, Annie, and Ruby.Should Leslie die, Mary may take up the torch of her late fiancé (even if their marriage is more about convenience than love) and testify to the FBI that she took money from the three and is aware of their criminal activities, or else implicate them in some other way to get the heat off of herself.
There are so many parallels between the two of them ( I notice I NEVER see any GIFs showing their parallels).

I love the scene of Beth getting ready for Rio in 3x08. The three have tried to avoid violence, instead using their wits to get out of the many sticky situations that have arisen since their first robbery.

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