domain controller virtual or physical

Best practice #10 explains why.As mentioned in the myths section, the closest you can get to a “chicken and egg” scenario happens when you place a domain controller on SMB 3 storage and have no other domain controllers. This also helps avoiding problems with hardware or platform-related problems P2V-converted virtual guests may encounter.To prevent issues with Active Directory replication, ensure that only one instance (physical or virtual) of a given domain controller exists on a given network at any point in time. What you’re describing is poor management of at least one resource. Do Not Perform Physical-to-Virtual Conversions on Domain Controllers.” You say what to do instead, but you don’t even touch on what to do if you din’t know better and your once physical DC is now a Hyper-V guest. We will talk about that in a bit.Due to the vastly different natures of the technologies, Active Directory’s high availability features are dramatically superior to anything that Hyper-V and Failover Clustering can provide. If you are required to enter connection credentials, immediately click the If you do not see the Windows Boot Manager screen and the domain controller begins to start in normal mode, turn off the virtual machine to prevent it from completing startup. Therefore, turn off the virtual machine and try again if the Windows Error Recovery menu appears.In the Windows Boot Manager screen, press F8 to access advanced boot options.Use the appropriate restore method for the tool that you used to create the system state backup. I would also set up a nanny script at the end of the CAU run to make certain that they’re online, as there seems to be a bug in the automatic start code.Thanks. Since it cannot detect the state of caching, it will automatically use the I/O commands that instruct for an instant write.I would have to say this issue is a chicken and egg related issue I am having.To begin, you need to find out why the system is trying to authenticate against a domain controller to start a virtual machine. Patching might take longer, is about all that I can, we have the following setup for how time works:Server1 is a virtual domain controller, it gets its time from the integration components in hyper-vServer2 is the hyper-v host, it gets its time from Server3Server3 is a physical domain controller, it gets its time from Server1The above was all shown using w32tm /query /source on each serverThis causes a loop of dependencies, but out of curiosity – how on earth did my time not drift by hours/days/weeks in this setup – its been running for at least a year like this, its a closed loop. Most people assume their emails, contacts and calendar events are saved somewhere but they're not. When a virtual machine resumes from a saved state or is reverted to a checkpoint, the A worse situation is a long-saved domain controller. No enterprise database has been physical for a decade. Stop treating it like it’s radioactive. Most germane to this article: leaving a Hyper-V host in workgroup mode will not even present them with a speed bump. Time drift is not a good argument against virtualizing domain controllers.With the myths out of the way, you’re clear to design your domain controller deployment. If you miss the opportunity to enter DSRM during system startup, turn off the domain controller's virtual machine before it can fully start in normal mode. For more information about running the Sysprep, see Running Sysprep on a domain controller is not supported.To help prevent a potential update sequence number (USN) rollback situation, do not use copies of a VHD file that represents an already deployed domain controller to deploy additional domain controllers. I have no idea what happened there.Thanks for this article – the chicken & the egg problem has always confounded many but rarely has there been a well rounded discussion on this topic.I would like to see some discussion in a similar vein on visualizing exchange and the issue of resource management control in a VMThanks for this article – the chicken & the egg problem has always confounded many but rarely has there been a well rounded discussion on this topic.I would like to see some discussion in a similar vein on visualizing exchange and the issue of resource management control in a VMHmmm.

As long as the virtualized domain controller is running 2012 or later, USN rollbacks due to checkpoint reversion As several readers have correctly noted, modern backup software relies on Hyper-V checkpoints to perform backups.

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