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A few months later he found out that the sisters were witches who protected the innocent from demons, and that the Succubus was one such demon they had to face. Given his attitude there, he was likely under a spell, but Phoebe had saved him by giving him that job as Cole had wanted to kill him. Darryl was knocked out cold by a criminal possessed by a demon, and almost lost his soul before He was later attacked and stricken blind by the formerly vanquished Grimlocks on All Hallow's Eve along with Darryl was invited to Piper and Leo's wedding and helped solve a murder which accused Prue as the murderer. Darryl revealed he had done some soul searching and decided he wanted to help again, but was initially reluctant about magic, ultimately changing his mind after Phoebe told him that one bad experience should not conquer 6 years of magical affairs. He is the first born of a Charmed One and the first male witch in his family.In season seven, Wyatt uses his healing powers to save Piper from a deadly coma.But Gideon's plans to destroy the boy, using demons and warlocks as surrogates, are complicated by the very thing that seemed to prove his suspicions – Chris – who is bent on protecting his older sibling from the influences that turned him evil. He was a trusted friend to the Charmed ones, and would often help them out- … Andrew "Andy" Trudeau was an inspector for the San Francisco Police Department and the partner of Darryl Morris. Darryl, although no longer willing to help the sisters, refused to help Sheridan expose them as he still cared about them. She then offers Jack dinner as a thank you.In "Reckless Abandon", Jack and Prue's presentation at work won them a trip to New York for a conference. Charmed is an American supernatural fantasy drama television series created by Constance M. Burge and produced by Aaron Spelling and his production company Spelling Television, with Brad Kern serving as showrunner.The series was originally broadcast by The WB for eight seasons from October 7, 1998, until May 21, 2006.

He later tried to convince Hoping to be promoted to Lieutenant, Darryl worked hard to try and find In an alternate reality created by Cole, Darryl was Phoebe's bodyguard. I just want to be the one to bust them." "Look, you can do whatever you want with them afterwards. He was 60. He was a childhood friend of the Halliwell sisters, as he grew up in close proximity to them, and had an on again-off again romantic relationship with Prue since high school. You can expose them, hide them, dissect them. When he is told by Phoebe that she and her sisters are witches and that magic does exist, he takes it very well, but still prefers to remain on the sidelines. Inspector Sheridan was an inspector for the San Francisco Police Department, who was partnered with Darryl Morris in 2004. I don't care. Gideon's multi-episode plots are also foiled, nearly as often, by Wyatt's innately strong, if immature magical talents, and Gideon grows increasingly desperate to succeed, gradually exposing himself to discovery. His shock bought Leo enough time to get away with While on a family outing with his children, his wife Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews stole Darryl's Darryl was then nearly executed for murder, after being framed by a Although he refused to help the sisters directly anymore, Darryl always warned them when they were in danger of being exposed by Sheridan. She eventually starts working with Federal Agent Kyle investigates several accidents where people manage to survive their homes burning to the ground, only to be killed shortly after.Kyle believes that The Avatars were responsible for his parents death. After the sisters gained their powers, Andy grew suspicious of t…

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