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After Joan hit Jughead over the head with a rock, Donna blew Devil’s breath in Betty’s face, led her to the clearing and placed the rock in her hand, where she was later found by Archie and Veronica. The objective of the game is to identify the murderer before being killed. Jughead brings in the work of H.P. He then leaves with Betty and Alice.DuPont summons Jughead and informs him that he’s been kicked out of the Quill and Skull because Betty broke into the sanctum sanctorum, which is a violation.

Donna presumes Jughead has never fenced before, however, she has and is more than capable of training him.
The very same beanie that kept his head from being completely cracked open when Joan crept up behind him and hit him over the head with a rock. While Betty was keeping Donna, Bret, and Joan busy, Jughead was solving the mystery. Forsythe realized that he was next. Tomorrow’s chess match will decide the ultimate winner. And in case of a tie-breaker, Joan and Donna recommend a battle of intelligence via chess. The rules are as followed. He’s hoping that Jughead can discourage her, but Jughead refuses to tell Betty what to do. If they’re winked at, they die five seconds later. Jughead found a short story that his grandfather wrote in an old Riverdale High literary magazine. Shortly after, Jughead discovered that his grandfather wrote the original Baxter Brothers book, which DuPont would later go on to "steal" from him. Jughead asks DuPont to speak towards his claims. The story centers around a guy who is sealed behind a wall of bricks and is never seen or heard from again. Bret, Donna, Jonathan, and Joan arrive not long after. He also claims that Chipping never came to him to speak about Jughead’s notion that the first Baxter Brothers novel was written by Jughead’s grandfather, Forsythe Pendleton Jones I.Jughead arrives late to class. Following Mr. Chipping's death, in which he threw himself out a window during a class session, Mr. DuPont announces that he will be taking over the class.DuPont dismisses Jughead, Bret, Donna, Jonathan, and Joan for Thanksgiving break.

Casey Cott. DuPont tells Jughead to pull from his real life experiencesJughead pitches his idea for the next Baxter Brothers book to the board. Jughead then reveals that he and Betty visited all the Baxter Brothers ghost writers, and when they shared their theories, each writer asked for their lawyers. Bret's favorite Poe story is The Cask of the Amontillado. The actor has now opened up about his exit. DuPont claims that much like Forsythe l, Jughead is also an arrogant fool. So, he went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back. Bret, Joan, Jonathan, and Donna all raise their hand as they intent to participate.

He claims he wrote the story and that he had a time stamp on his computer to prove that he wrote it two months ago. Jughead on the other hand was unimpressed, much to Donna’s amusement, which angers Bret, who goes on to take aim at Jughead’s story, ripping it apart before Mr. Chipping steps in. When Mr. Chipping asks for the group’s thoughts, Joan and Jonathan nervously agree that his story was astonishing. Jughead returns to the seminar and reveals that someone stole it. He brought in the Raven. However, when Jughead goes to his room to retrieve his laptop, he finds that it's gone. Jughead realized he was bait in order to bring his grandfather out of hiding so DuPont could finish the job.
Mr. DuPont insists that he’s not a thief. He suggests that Jughead beg the indulgences of his former teachers at Riverdale High.Jughead, Bret, Donna, Joan, and Jonathan read their stories out loud. Mr. Chipping admits the evidence is undeniable and so, he must help Jughead expose DuPont for the fraud that he is, even if it costs him his job. And the tape she has in her hand is that of her and Jughead, which Bret secretly recorded. Bret scoffs, remarking there’s nothing scary about Lovecraft. Jughead presumes Bret accused him of plagiarism, but it was in fact Jonathan. He then demands that Jughead get out his sight. Donna claims he has food poisoning. How it was actually Forsythe I who wrote the first Baxter Brothers novel.

By the end of the game, it’s down to Jughead and Bret, who Jughead kills. Francis J. DuPont is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale.

He told Forsythe that DuPont killed Charles and Jane because he feared they would spill the truth.

Bret, Joan, Jonathan, and Donna all raise their hand as they intent to participate. Charles’ team has been combing through DuPont’s house for the last hour. As well as Bret, who also got accepted into Yale.DuPont informs Jughead that the board that runs the Baxter Brothers has taken a look at the first draft of Jughead’s book and has a few thoughts. Bret objects, but DuPont proceeds with the process nonetheless, handing Jughead his contract.DuPont tells Jughead about an upcoming interview with YaleDuPont summons Jughead to inform him that he has an interview at Yale after DuPont shared with them a few of his stories. By the end of the game, it’s down to Jughead and Bret, who Jughead kills. Donna is Jughead’s first victim. When he wins, Jughead has to walk away from the Baxter Brothers contract. Mr. Chipping was a scholar fond of literature. It was actually DuPont who gave him a clue. They think the boy in the river storyline is a bit soft and are looking for something darker.

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