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Group devoted to arguing about the history of Northern Europe, and who conquered whom, from the beginning of time through WWII?
This is an article about Copernicus, and I don't see the relevance.

Heidelberg University agrees with that as do other sources, such as this one(another non-Polish source citing Copernicus as Sarmatic=Polish): Luther meant it derogatory for sure, likely in the sense of backwoodsman, because he considered the new teachings as a disaccord with the bible. Would anyone else like to take on either of these projects? Nicolaus Copernicus, students and burghers of CracowCopernicus was German according to German WikipediaInfo-Poland- Buffalo, New York- supposed school children's education, mere propaganda siteRedundency among articles; plan for improving this oneIslamic origins and sources from At Tusi And othersConsistency?

The part of Prussia where Nicolaus Copernicus lived, worked and died was the Wikipedia article repeatedly disregard International Law in articles about history and people from east of the Obviously the entry should read: "Thorn, Prussia, indigenous German territory temporarily occupied by Poland until our times".

-to compare with the german version. Cracow was not found in 1257.

--(OD) Rursus, of course there shouldn't be anything controversial about a Polish-German individual.

The impression currently given is that all of the opposition to the the Copernican system was based upon religious prejudice, thus perpetuating a long-standing myth.

Copernicus was also aware of Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), a Catholic Cardinal, argued in favor of earth rotation on its axis, pointed out earth was smaller than the sun and large than the moon based on observations of earths shadow on the moon during eclipse, and who pointed out that no matter what rotating planet we on, it would seem that everything rotated around us, thus we did not need to trust such observations. According to the rev Szorc and Sikorski Phd Copernicus DoD should be 21st May, not 24th May (please look at the picture of Copernicus grave at Frombork Cathedral) These articles make it very clear that Nicolaus Copernicus was inspired by the works of Copernicus's manuscripts had referenced Aristarchus in his research, but that reference was suppressed in his final version, thus receiving the credit of this discovery.

I would also suggest a complete rewrite of the section on nationality. Nation states as we now know them scarcely existed in 1473-1543, if at all. This made the Hanseatic League incapable of action, which had undesirable effects for the eastern Hanseatic cities. Signed: Paul Bannon I've occasionally monitored this egregiously prolix discussion for something like four years. in Italy. Millions of Germans are Roman Catholics and fought against Protestant - not "Pagan" - Germans. I hope that someone who knows the history of this article will consider either removing the links or moving them to the Antikythera article where they will be on topic. Now, there seem to be various implications of German ancestry sprinkled about to imply, outside of the nationality/ethnicity section, that he was German.

And as far as linking, it's quite ok to link him both under notable Poles and notable Germans, that will just help people looking through these sites to find the article. Perusing other encyclopedias shows no other source places so much emphasis on the biographical data of the parents. As I’ve noted previously, see the following examples: Because Copernicus was born in Poland, died in Poland, and fought for Poland (per the article, "Also, the fact that Copernicus oversaw the defense of Olsztyn Castle at the head of Royal Polish forces when the town was besieged by the Teutonic Knights, supports the claim that his bond with the Kingdom of Poland was much stronger than his German ties. And the cities then allied with the king of Poland against the Teutonic Order, who assured the cities, independence within their city walls and not to rule there. But they still considered themselves as Prussians, not as Poles (and not as Germans).

An Observer (So he wrote in Lithuanian or Polish? Encyclopædia Britannica,[107] Encyclopedia Americana,[108] The Columbia Encyclopedia[109] and The Oxford World Encyclopedia[110] identify Copernicus as a "Polish astronomer". I would like to remind everyone, that in the times under discussion, rulers (kings, princes, dukes, bishops) determined boundaries of states by force of arms and treated provinces as if they were personal property, passing them on to sons or giving them away as dowries.

I have a question, wasn't Copernicus burnt at the stake for his views on Heliocentrism? The article states that Copernicus grandmother Katherine was a Modlibóg, the article about Lucas Watzenrode the Elder states that his wife was born as Katharina von Rüdiger, which article is right and on what information (documents or church book entries) are these claims based. His father was Polish. Hi Nihil novi, I will of course consider it but recently I don't have enough time.

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