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His portfolios include photographs of Burmese victims and exiles, Egyptian revolutionaries, and those fighting against oppression in Russia. The only faces Simon met were those of the bronze sculptures of England’s past. You have two ways to control the quality of the light, size and distance. I know I’m not just about to take a picture of somebody; something amazing is about to happen.”Platon’s trademark photography style has, over the years, become as iconic and recognisable as the famous faces that he photographs. His ability to maintain his composure with his subjects is impressive. I just want to offer an observation. Thank you.Great discussion. I’m finding there are things that I couldn’t do before. Speaking about the importance of having a camera he can trust, Platon said, “I’m so privileged to be in a place where a fleeting moment is literally history in front of my camera. I'm going to have to stick to my original comment. In order to change your preferences, please visit your My Hasselblad account. My pictures make something simple out of something complicated perhaps because I can’t really function with a lot of complicated things on a page. But that made Having used the Hasselblad 553ELX with a film back, as well as the latest H5D and Speaking about the Hasselblad H5D, Platon said, “I was dumbfounded, actually, by the level of detail I’m able to capture with this camera. Getting lost in the sharp lines and curves of the buildings that are usually concealed by the city’s hyperactivity, all its glorious architecture shone forth like never before.

My simplification [of] a powerful graphic form works well for the covers of magazines and makes for images that stand out. However, he shoots medium format film, so the equivalent focal length on a full frame sensor would be 75mm.Max, does compression take it's part when shooting 120mm equivalent for FF camera? The catchlights in the Platon photo are higher on the eye and a bit above the pupil, where as Benner's catchlights are a tad lower, closer to the pupil. Platon photographs those who are fighting for civil and human rights, giving a voice to those who are unheard. Ultimately its the end result that matters. Roman’s Peruvian portraits captured with the H6D-100c help to preserve and spread cultural awareness about the lives and work of so many talented, hidden artists.Sign up for the Hasselblad newsletter to receive the latest product news and inspirational stories from the world’s top photographers.You are now subscribed to the Hasselblad newsletter. He looked composed, but relaxed and elegant. It’s allowing me to embrace technology and allowing me to grow as a photographer. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our Do you mind sharing how you would go about recreating the style I described above while pushing the fall-off, in camera?In this case, I would say you just need to get the light closer. Select the new layer and go to Filter > Other > High Pass and set the slider, so the outlines of facial details are barely visible. While seemingly straightforward, his ability to capture the essence of an individual takes an incredible amount of patience, skill and intuition. One even critiqued the other constructively, the other responded respectfully, and we all learned some valuable tips in the process. I mean, 120mm for MF, 70 ~ 85mm to FF, won't this give a more warped look to the portrait, as the lens compression is quite different?Very helpful.

Platon founded The People's Portfolio, a non-profit organization. I was unsure of the exact equipment that he used for the The setup is straightforward, now it is on you to capture the right moment.

I had been used to Hasselblad lenses for so many years; the detail of the eye, the eye lashes, the pores in the skin. Leben. (that would depend on focal length).Also, Platon's catchlights appear a bit rectangular, so maybe a softbox and not an umbrella? And he almost resisted every attempt I made to connect with him,” Platon said, speaking in an interview with PBS News about the famous image. (inverse square law) So, you may have to use a slightly smaller light than you were previously using. In lockdown with his four brothers and his parents, he keeps his creative juices afloat by capturing beautifully lit portraits of his six family members with X1D II 50C.Norwegian photographer Pål Hansen has photographed an immense list of actors, musicians, and other notable celebrities. Having used Hasselblad cameras throughout his professional career, Platon credits the quality of the Hasselblad sensors and lenses as being critical components that support his ability to tell the visual stories that have made him such an important photographer and one of the most celebrated creatives of his generation. 5,023 Followers, 327 Following, 474 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Platon (@platonoficial)
Platon also made it pretty clear (see Netflix series) that he doesn't like doing as much post-processing in PS as it seems to be a so-called standard now... As you said, he prefers to photograph than to retouch. Once you are done, let's move on to Photoshop.There are three main aspects to the edit that we are about to do: High contrast, low-Key torso, and broad highlights.Next, create a curves Layer and give it a distinct s-shape for contrast.In order to guide the focus towards the subject's expression, add a brightness and contrast adjustment layer and mask the torso area.For subtle details and highlights in the hair, eyes, and brows, add clarity through the Camera-Raw panel and mask it to only affect certain areas.For some portraits, it is beneficial to drag up the midtones in order for them to bleed into both the shadows and the highlights. But your out of camera shot could have been much closer to his.You're right. Obvious sarcasm here. Thank you both for this insight!This!! If my equipment lets me down, then it was all for nothing. I am off to see the netflix and to shoot in my studio.The Netflix show - episode 7 of "Abstract" is great. You had the knowledge, the proof of it and you shared it without fears! I would experiment with using different size lights at different distances and see what you like.Thank you for the insight. “His neck was tense, his eyes were wide open.

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