spring offensive 1975

Even General Dung was impressed by "the stubbornness of the enemy" in what had become a "meat grinder. Dougan and Fulghum, p. 55.Stephen T. Hosmer, Konrad Kellen, and Brian M. Jenkins, The DAO's intelligence chief, William Le Gro stated that the 22nd not only "fought well, but valiantly" against the 3rd and 968th PAVN Divisions. "On 14 April General Dung received new instructions from Hanoi.

When questioned as to the timing of Vietnamization, 73 percent of the respondents replied that the program "should have been emphasized years before." Vien, p. 108.The president's rationale for the aid had changed. In other words, it was possible that if the aid was not delivered, the South Vietnamese might turn on the Americans still within South Vietnam and hold them for ransom. This situation was exacerbated by confusing orders, lack of command and control, and a well-led and aggressive enemy, which led to the fall of Buôn Ma Thuột and the destruction of the bulk of an entire A similar attempt to reduce defended areas in the northern provinces (this time to coastal enclaves) and to create a strategic national reserve met a similar fate, as command confusion, massive refugee migrations, and, in the end, total anarchy prevented any coherent defense and led to the utter collapse of ARVN's forces and the loss of the northern two-thirds of the country. Thieu had decided that Pleiku and Kon Tum were to be abandoned and that the forces defending them were to be redeployed to retake demographically more important Ban Me Thuot.Meanwhile, General Dung advised Hanoi that he was turning his forces to capture Kon Tum and Pleiku. Master Sergeant Juan Valdez was the last Marine to board the last helicopter out of Saigon.

Of the government's four infantry divisions, four Ranger groups, armored brigade, air division, and thousands of Territorial, support, and staff personnel, only around 16,000 were pulled out as the communists swept in on 29 March.By 25 March the North Vietnamese Politburo no longer felt it necessary to wait until 1976 for the initiation its final offensive against Saigon. Tag. The next day, the remnants of Mekong provincial capitals dissolved.The last remaining ARVN soldiers in Can Tho surrendered to VC on the early morning shortly after Major General Nguyen Khoa Nam committed suicide at his military headquarters. He had become, in the words of one of his closest advisors, "suspicious...secretive...and ever watchful for a By 11 March, the day after Ban Me Thuot was attacked, Thieu had come to the conclusion that there was no longer any hope of receiving a $300 million supplemental aid package that he had requested from the U.S. government.Thieu then sketched in on the map those areas which he considered most important – all of the III and IV Corps Tactical Zones. Da Nang then collapsed into anarchy and chaos. The operation had evacuated more than 6,000 people, including more than 5,000 Vietnamese, by more than 100 helicopter sorties during the day. The conflict between the executive and legislative branches of the American government, already severe even before the onset of the The third (and most often exemplified) possible source of the defeat was that the U.S. Congress had simply written off and abandoned the Saigon government.Other plausible reasons for the rapidity of the defeat were the internal contradictions within the South Vietnamese military. The plan was turned down for three reasons: first, there were simply no reserve forces of sufficient size available anywhere in the country for the task; second, with all overland routes in enemy hands, all movements and logistics would have to depend entirely on airlift, a capability that no longer existed; and third, despite advantageous defensive positions, the forces at Phuoc Long could not hold off two communist divisions long enough for any relief effort to succeed.The fighting around Phuoc Long continued until 6 January 1975, after which the town became the first provincial capital permanently seized by PAVN.

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