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", which causes Krieger to push a button which disables Ray's legs once more, forcing Ray to begrudgingly thank him and have his legs turned back on. All are welcome to If you're new to Wikia, please use the above links to get started.Please keep in mind that over 50% of Wikia visitors access content via mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones. He especially despised Archer for his cavalier attitude and refusal to take responsibilty for injuring him. He was told of Tommy's death in 1964, as Tommy's As Rebecca grew up, she helped Ray with his various cases, which eventually led to her becoming an SFPD detective. Ray accompanied and assisted in the mission. "Evolution" se…Do you think Archer will awaken from his Coma at the end of Season 10? Tommy grabbed Ray's hand in reunion and forgiveness, which was witnessed by Hastings.He also stopped HRay left Alcatraz to care for Tommy's 6-year-old son at some date prior to March 20, 1963.

Ray's paralysis causes him to go through depression for the first few episodes of season five. His new arm causes him to be subjected to more ridicule in Drastic Voyage: Part I and more jokes about his hand's resemblance to the one lost by Conway Stern are made by Archer and Cyril. Ray managed to become a potential Alcatraz guard by 1960 and was transferred to the island, where he was welcomed by the training officer, Hastings tested Ray's loyalty by instructing him to lock Tommy out of his cell, and attack him in front of the other inmates. He has one brother, Randy, a marijuana farmer. While Lana piloted the yacht, she got annoyed by Ray and jarred the yacht, causing a make-up applicator to get lodged in his eye. Ray is openly gay and often verbally-abused in a sophomoric fashion by almost … In Achub Y Morfilod, he is given a new cybernetic arm by his co-workers (except Lana and Archer). He ended up driving a Formula 1 car in pursuit of Benoit. In the episode Bloody Ferlin, it is revealed that Ray had faked being handicapped for six months, telling Lana and Archer "I never said I was paralyzed, you just assumed I was!". Though he survives the encounter, Ray's right arm below his elbow is devoured, just before Ray manages to furiously stab the creature to death. Hastings was arrested by Rebecca and Hauser, shortly after Rebecca discovered the truth about Ray being her great-uncle.

Despite Pam's "sub-par" assistance in the operation and Sterling's many failed attempts to stop the process out of his fear of cyborgs, the operation is a success, allowing Ray to walk once more. Archer is an American adult animated spy sitcom created by Adam Reed for the FX network. He kept a number of diaries where he described his homosexual thoughts and feelings, specifically in a Miss Piggy diary that was later destroyed by his father. His father was extremely conservative and as a consequence Ray was forced to hide his homosexuality from everyone around him. Later in the episode, he receives radio contact requesting aid to backup Archer after he and Lana are ambushed by KGB agents attempting to hunt down Archer.

Archer also is furious at Hauser for not taking his advice that he said, "She deserves a normal life Hauser, cut her loose. The beating resulting in another fight and the incapacitation of Tommy, who was sent to the infirmary. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. season 10, the Archer (TV Series) page has been updated When Pam was kidnapped, he assisted in the control room with tracking the phone call. Archer Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to the television series Archer of the FX Network. to include a revised premise along with a brand new and complete Raymond "Ray" Archer, born Raymond Madsen, is a retired Alcatraz guard and the current owner and bartender of Ray's. In Legs, after hitting the breaking point of frustration with Sterling and some coercion by Krieger, Ray decides to undergo an operation to restore his ability to walk by having his lower body replaced with bionic prosthetics. In the opening of Season 4, Ray follows the rest of the group to a resort in hopes of restoring Archer's suppressed memories, while at the same time expressing heavy disdain over his paralyzed state.

In Southbound and Down, when Krieger repairs Ray's bionic legs, Ray exclaims "About damn time! found in the drop down menu.

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