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News of tsunami warnings for Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures is shown on TV at a shelter in Sendai, Japan, on Nov. 22, 2016, after a powerful earthquake shook the country's northeast. Patrick Knox; 23 Apr 2020, 13:12; Updated: 23 Apr 2020… "To save people’s lives, the basic policy would be evacuation. Charlie Gard's mum gives birth to baby boy 1 day after brother would've turned 4 Thrifty mum uses bunk beds to split daughters’ room in two & it’s an instant hit Jeff Brazier pays emotional tribute to sons as holiday ‘brought them to tears’ Love Island's Priscilla sparks pregnancy rumours calling Mike 'baby daddy' Woman horrified to find Amazon delivery driver taking a poo in her garden©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. 2020-07-24 19:51:33 UTC at 19:51 July 24, 2020 UTC Location: Epicenter at 35.703, 138.686 4.2 km from Enzan (2.2 miles) Near S. Coast Of Honshu, Japan The findings say tsunami waves as high as 13.7 metres could crash into Futaba town in Fukushima Prefecture, where the nuclear power plant is located.As per estimates, around 1,000 tanks of radioactive wastewater are stored in the compound. The scientists said it was plausible that a monster wave could happen soon because every 300 to 400 years a massive earthquake has taken place. The latest government projection suggests waves of nearly 70ft or more would be unleashed by a quake of magnitude nine.And a planned 36-ft seawall planned to protect the radiated site could be overwhelmed. "It comes as scientists have identified a potential tsunami risk in the region chosen by Indonesia for its new capital.The researchers mapped evidence of multiple ancient underwater landslides in the Makassar Strait between the islands of Borneo and Sulawesi. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed A Japanese government panel of scientists and seismologists are warning huge tidal waves could strike the east coast which includes the already stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.The panel assumed the worst-case scenario and said that an earthquake was imminent around the Japan Trench and the Kuril Trench which are underwater fault zones. The plant is already in the process of being decommissioned.“Tepco will examine the latest projections and analyse the impact on the ongoing preventive measures against tsunamis that the company has been taking,” news agency Reuters quoted a Tepco spokesman as saying.As per the panel of experts which released the findings on Tuesday, the scale of the tsunami being talked about could be triggered by a massive earthquake that may strike along the Japan Trench.

Updated Apr 22, 2020 | 15:03 IST The Fukushima nuclear power plant was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.The 9-magnitude earthquake had struck off the coast of Japan and triggered a tsunami that devastated large parts of the country's northeast and led to the meltdown of three nuclear reactors at Fukushima. The panel predicts Iwate and Hokkaido would be worst-hit with a tsunami of nearly 100ft.But most worrying of all, Fukushima's sriken power station is also in the firing line for a giant wave. Japan lifted a tsunami advisory Sunday after only small waves arrived at the nation's northern Pacific coast a few hours after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the region. Seismologist Kenji Satake told the Mainichi newspaper it was a matter of when not if.The panel used a simulation based on analysis of tsunamis of the past 6000 years and covered seven prefectures including Hokkaido, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibarak, Aomori and Chiba. Japan predicts mega 9.0 mag earthquake and 100ft tsunami will devastate country and obliterate Fukushima power plant . Claim: Videos aired live or uploaded in April 2020 show that Japan was struck by a tsunami. About a million tonnes of contaminated water, which has built up in tanks since the meltdown, could then be unleashed into the Pacific Ocean and cause a catastrophic environmental disaster. Tepco is already in the process of cleaning up the nuclear power plant site which is expected to take decades. A spokesman said: "Tepco will examine the latest projections and analyse the impact on the ongoing preventive measures against tsunamis that the company has been taking. © Bennett Coleman & Company Limited A Tokyo Electric Power Co. employee walks past storage tanks for contaminated water at the company's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Fukushima, Japan, on Feb. 23, 2017. File image of destruction at the Fukushima nuclear power plant | Courtesy: Kyodo News, via Associated Press  'Kudankulam plant can withstand Fukushima-like disaster''Unexploded World War II bomb' found at Japan Fukushima nuclear plantFukushima worker diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer
"Seismologist Kenji Satake, a University of Tokyo professor and head of the panel, said: “A massive earthquake of this class — shown in the simulation — would be difficult to deal with by developing hard infrastructure such as coast levees. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes.

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