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Will you Take Me? [video]

PayPal.Me/TamaraBubble“take it, tease it, like it, love it, squeeze it, touch it, kiss it, rub it … TAKE ME!

Have you ever flirted with someone, but was actually surprised by their response? What did/would you do in that situation? What if the very person you were crushing on walked right up to you and said “TAKE ME”.

I know you’re probably thinking this’ll never happen, but it might. Watch my new video. I kept the lyrics fun and flirty, but they do blur the lines between fantasy and reality. I don’t even know how to explain it … it’s complicated. Just like 99.9% of dating and relationships.


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OMG … This Will Break Yo Back [VIDEO]

PayPal.Me/TamaraBubble“I don’t need a rap beat for you cuz I could rock it on a techno and still be more lyrical”  … #BreakYoBack

By far, one of the biggest challenges for a female rapper is earning respect as a lyricist in a male dominated industry. Tamara doesn’t have that problem, but “Break Yo Back” will remove all doubt with her lyrical aggression  & prowess infused into a EDM and House Production!

At the very least you’ll get a good workout, but you’re more likely to dance until hurts if you don’t get head nod injuries first. Press Play #BubbleOnDeck

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So Gone Challenge … SHOWER EDITION!

PayPal.Me/TamaraBubbleI don’t know how dangerous it is for me to be dropping mics in the shower, but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Check out my #SoGoneChallenge Remix Video #BubbleOnDeck

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Proceed with Caution EP has Record Breaking Streaming Week on Pandora [video]


I had a pretty amazing week on Pandora with the release of latest  EP “Proceed With Caution“! It was just added this past week and is definitely my personal best. The top 2 most streamed tracks from the EP are “Famous” and “Aggressive” 😉 and I’m really grateful for those of you streaming and following Tamara Bubble Radio on Pandora

As a token of my appreciation, I decided to put out one of the BONUS tracks from the EP called “Gotta Respect It” because it’s not available on Pandora. It’s an exclusive bonus that comes with the purchase of the DELUXE CD package available on my official webbie

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Rakim Would Be Proud … or Nah [video]

PayPal.Me/TamaraBubbleThere’s certain beats you don’t touch!

At least that what everybody’s been telling me. Not because I could legit be sued for beat jacking, but because there’s a hip hop crime even worse than that … being WACK on a legend’s beat. And not just any legend, the Gawd MC Rakim

I’m a little hardheaded though and I call this freestyle ‘Extra Juice’ because I put my extra bubbly spin on it. The jury’s still out though …  let me know what you think using #RakimWouldBeProud or NAH?!?! Share and vote in the video comments #BubbleOnDeck

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I’m A Republican, But … [video]

PayPal.Me/TamaraBubbleI ain’t voting for that germ!

Election 2016 will be interesting to say the least. I have no clue who I’ll be voting for :-/ but I did notice one thing: Trump has been very quiet in light of this week’s violent murders. #NotSurprised #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile

Drop a comment in the video and let me know your thoughts and prediction on this year’s election.

P.S. Today is Philando Castile’s birthday #RIP

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All Female Rappers are … 😁😒😳 [video]

PayPal.Me/TamaraBubbleAll female rappers are wack!!! 

… And that was one of the nicer comments I got when I asked a simple question a while ago in a hip hop forum to support my blog post:

Hip Hop Truth: Men Only Listen To Female Rappers on Mute

I expected a few nasty comments, but I was blown away by the stigma and negativity surrounding “Female Rappers”. A few people shouted out some dope female rappers or at least the ones they respected, but the majority of people had “us” all figured out.

So I made a video response to the shade. I decided to cape for my fellow queens and rep for them as well. Here’s “ALL FEMALE RAPPERS” … now available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more!

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Juicebox … Got that JUICEBOX [video]

PayPal.Me/TamaraBubblePeep the visuals of Tamara Bubble ripping apart a classic Naughty by Nature beat #BubbleOnDeck

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