Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is #Lucky500 and Lucky Gang?  Lucky Gang is my fan club and the best way for me to show the world who really discovered TAMARA BUBBLE. It’s a fundraising campaign for my debut, full length album as well as the proper funding required to break an unsigned artist! Marketing and promotions are the #1 biggest expense for an any artist (indie or major). People constantly tell me they can’t wait to see me signed or on BET or on the Breakfast Club and all these things are possible with your belief, support and investment in my career. It will be soooo amazingly dope to know that MY FANS DID THIS (without a major label or distribution or investor and I’m able to keep my creative control).
  2. Is this a contest? how do I become a member? No, this is NOT a contest, it’s a private club open to my supporters across the world.  Lucky Gang access does not have a cap on the number of  members, but you have to make at least a $1 contribution before time runs out.  In addition, there are upper levels called the #Lucky500. When you make a contribution of $500 or more, you get a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP of CRAZY DOPE PERKS so that’s why #Lucky500 is limited to the first 500 supporters that join.
  3. How much time do I have left to join? 
  4. Do I get anything in return for my contribution? Yes, of course. You get all these PERKS. All members receive the perks listed based on the amount of your contribution, but the #Lucky500 receive these PERKS forever. It’s lifetime access to the Bubble because you truly believe in me and are taking a risk and supporting my LONG TERM career. Before the ticket prices skyrocket (FYI, I’ve paid way over $500 to see Michael Jackson perform just once), the features, meet-n-greets, endorsements and everything else go all the way up, you get to join early and show your support. So you’re gonna get all future concerts in your area, all future albums, tour merch for all future tours, meet-n-greet and even private events for FOR FREE FOR LIFE. I’m giving this ONLY to the first 500 LUCKY ONES who invest early … because they’re the #Lucky500 people that discovered and supported me when it mattered most … FIRST!
  5. Why are you not using GoFundMe or IndieGoGo or Kickstarter for your crowdfunding campaign?  Because I’m 100% indie and I always seek out new ways to connect directly with my supporters and CUT OUT the middlemen.  For example, when you purchase my music directly from my official webbie (which is completely secure), a portion of the sales proceeds won’t go to iTunes or Amazon and CD Baby. For your convenience, I still make my music available on all the digital retailer sites, but it’s so much better when you purchase my music or make a contribution directly on my site. It allows me to bypass the 3rd party and and receive 100% of the proceeds and not have to pay any transaction fees to the middlemen.  My very first ‘Lucky Gang’ member TONY made a $10 contribution using a 3rd party donation platform (paypal.me/TamaraBubble) and a fee was deducted. I don’t want that happen to any other supporter contributions so we’ve added a secure shopping cart / checkout platform directly on my site.
  6. How do I make a ‘Lucky Gang’ Contribution?  The default contribution for any ‘Lucky Gang’ membership is ONLY $1 USD. [And yes, you will still receive PERKS even with a $1 contribution … hence the name LUCKY]. When you go to checkout, you’ll need to update the ‘quantity’ field to reflect the amount you wish to contribute (between $1 and $499) and then press the refresh button to update your total.  After that, you can complete your secure checkout as usual.
  7. The way my budget is setup, I can’t afford to be one of the #Lucky500, but I really do believe in you Tamara Bubble and am a supporter. What else can I do to help? You can make a contribution(s) anytime while membership is open. That way you instantly become a member for only $1 and then any and all future contributions you make are cumulative so we’ll add up your total contributions and upgrade you to the correct level of perks for your membership. Just leave a message in the “comments” section during checkout to let us know you’re making another payment and the total amount of all your contributions thus far. If you can’t make any contributions, then continue to share my music with everyone you know! Word of mouth is very powerful too ^_^ and I’ll still love you the same!
  8. I have a question not answered in FAQS, what should I do?  Use the contact form and select ‘Lucky Gang’ from the drop down menu.
  9. One last question:






lucky buynowOR I’m not sure yet if I’m one of the #Lucky500, but let me hurry and MAKE AT LEAST A $1 CONTRIBUTION TO BE APART OF THE ‘LUCKY GANG’  and receive all these great PERKS before time runs out!! Then, I can just come back later and contribute more to become one of the #Lucky500


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