New Single “Too Busy” by Tamara Bubble [Gun Violence]

Remember Notorious B.I.G.’s 90s anthem ‘Big Poppa’? … “You got a gun up in your waist, please don’t shoot up the place. Why? Cuz I see some ladies tonight that should be having my baby, baby”. Well Tamara Bubble is a few decades late with her response record, but definitely gets her point across in “Too Busy”

“We too busy getting lit, we ain’t dying tonight” sings Tamara Bubble in between rowdy, aggressive, passionate bars while chanting that the only ‘shots’ we wanna hear ringing out in a club better be coming from a DRANK and the only ‘pop pop pop pop’ we wanna hear is coming from “bottle service when we hear a bop” !! @TheCratez produced track coupled with Tamara’s ever-changing flow and swag is juicy enough to make even the goons dance and hopefully reconsider shooting up the club for the night.

Tamara Bubble penned ‘Too Busy’ because she sick of gun violence and the fact no one considers the girls caught in the crossfire, running around in high heels dodging bullets, titties flying everywhere. Ladies looking crazy in the shoot out footage!! If we’re the reason you came to the club, why are you shooting now when you could just dance and get lit!!!! A song about gun violence has never been so litty … press play if you not too busy! #BubbleOnDeck

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