👀 Look, keep my name out your mouth! … 👋👋👋 [NEW MUSIC]

“Keep My Name Out Your Mouth” prod by Fayz the Great is a promise, not a threat!

The people running their mouths the MOST about you, know the LEAST about you. Especially strangers that pull out their phones filming you without your permission. So when you reach that breaking point with a no-good, gossiping hoe (male or female) … PRESS PLAY!!! Either get it together or Tamara Bubble will get you together with her latest track “Keep My Name Out Your Mouth”. Take heed to her final warning (and all this hand clapping B) or it may get violent when she gets to slapping you in that mouth of yours!


Stream / Download “Keep My Name Out Your Mouth”  Available on all digital retailers

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Netflix and chill? 📺 👀 🎬 are you into it or nah? 😁 [PICK THE MOVIE]

“Pick the Movie” prod by @KrazyFigz is seductively honest. Netflix and chill … if you can?

STREAM or DOWNLOAD “Pick the Movie”  on Spotify, AppleMusic , iTunes, SoundCloud, Pandora, Shazam & More

I can’t tell you the number of movies I’ve watched, but haven’t seen. I have a hard time remembering what happened in movies that I really do watch though … the plot, the funny lines, the endings. Oh and some people even think I’m lieing when I say I’ve seen so-and-so movie just because I can’t remember what happened :-/ Anyway, let me know what movie you would watch if I let you pick 😉 #BubbleOnDeck



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How To Sing Like a Pro in 5 Easy Steps [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Instantly double your booking fee and learn how to sing like a pro in 5 easy steps! Tamara Bubble teaches you secrets that ONLY the top vocalists and entertainers must master in order to achieve greatness. She also does a live demonstration using “Mary Had A Little Lamb” for this tutorial. BONUS: Tamara also provides a bonus guide on how to be the G.O.A.T. and have amazing stage presence in 2 more steps and does a final “Greatest of All Time” rehearsal drill LIVE, but warning … NOT EVEN THE GREATS HAVE ATTEMPTED THESE GOAT MOVES … remember you seen / heard it here first #BubbleOnDeck

How To Sing Like a Pro in 5 Easy Steps | #BubbleOnDeck Episode 34 | Video Podcast

This episode is brought to you by new song “I’m Here” . Text ‘BUBBLE’ to 4 4 1 4 4 or visit to get a FREE DOWNLOAD instantly and do #ImHereChallenge

Need advice or have a follow up question on this topic? Ask The Bubble! Submit Questions, Comments, Topic Suggestions or #TuesdayConfessions and Tamara Bubble will answer your question LIVE ON AIR.

Follow Tamara Bubble to hear the response LIVE or watch the replay

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Where Do Babies Come From [VIDEO]

I never really know to answer this when kids ask so you probably shouldn’t hire me to babysit, but here we go, lol! The true story about the birds and the bees … “Where Do Babies Come From” by Tamara Bubble (Prod by KrazyFigz)

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Bubble Wake Up … Rise & Grind [VIDEO]

Have you ever had a dream so good…

that when you woke up you try to fall back asleep into the same dream?  Or was there ever a time where you knew were dreaming, but you forced yourself to stay sleep and see what happened? *sheds a tear* because if you can relate you know the struggle is real and them dreams be too lit, but at the same time you and I both know we gotta wake up and grind to make those dreams a reality #BubbleWakeUp #BubbleOnDeck

Get a FREE download of “Wake Up” by Tamara Bubble + LYRICS BELOW

Get NEW MERCH just added to the BUBBLE collection

#WakeUp is also available on the following streaming sites 🎶


Last night I was court side (courtside)
With some girls that can’t spell NBA (NBA?)
They was singing my anthem yo (yoooo)
Groupies won’t even watching the game (ayeee)

Bubble Wake Up (get up)
Stop playing Bubble get up (c’mon get up)
Look you need to get up (c’mon get up)
Right cuz I need to get paid

But last night I was court side (court side)
With some dudes that can’t spell NFL (NFL?)
They was singing my anthem yo (yoooo)
Groupies over there feeling themselves (ayeee)

Bubble Wake Up (get up)
Stop playing Bubble get up (c’mon get up)
Look you need to get up (c’mon get up)
Right cuz I need to get paid

I was dreaming bout picket fences
Right, for my puppy house
Got my goldfish them tinted windows on the tank
Right, block them guppy hoes
At the game, I have a private bathroom
So I could just doodoo in peace
And I ain’t even gotta doodoo
But I ain’t gon squat in these streets

Look, I ain’t got burgers without cheese
Like I got so much cheese I’m without beef
And I got so much bars you could copy
If you gon bite this flow don’t be sloppy Joe
If you gon get this dough then be flashy, yeah
First you go get some lotion you ashy
Then you go get some rhythm you off beat
Grab a vocal coach home you off key

No sugar no cream in my coffee
But I don’t even drink it sipping it low key
I don’t even think you listening, ok
Missing the point again, this is the problem
I don’t really think you hearing me murk beats
Hip Hop to EDM and even church beats
That’s right we get tired
More tired than tired plus tired
Still we don’t get no sleep


I was dreaming bout pool parties,
Yup and can’t even swim yo (can’t even swim)
Bought a couple of yachts and RVs
Added the rims and they still float
And that’s for my rubber duckies, word (squad)
They be ducking them bird hoes, yup
Shouts to my little chuckles
They be bad everywhere
Except a Bubble show (bad kids)

I be chucking and ducking them lames too
When your crew don’t get in
They gon blame you
If your crew start to win
They won’t claim you
And I wouldn’t either
Never would I ever be paying you
Any interest whatsoever, be playing you
Any spins or streams you get gon be paid
Forget about favors, major label deals and radio

Hope you praying boo
Grinding, working like tomorrow too painful
Waiting thirsty ain’t the plan
And it ain’t the move
Get the budget from your mans
Make some fans, take some fans
Earn them wages, hit them stages too
Open mics and college parties and festivals
Shut it down at stadiums even barbecues
In that hot heat to the point
You more tired than tired
But still don’t get no sleep


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It All Started from a Stupid Argument [VIDEO]

Facebook is the biggest home wrecker ever …

I normally save my confessions and new music for my #TuesdayConfessions and #NewNewBubbleTuesdays, but I’ll go ahead and admit it … I broke up with my ex over Facebook.  Wait, let me explain. I didn’t break up via Facebook (Iol I’m not that petty). I broke up over the phone, but it was because of Facebook.

My then boyfriend changed his relationship status to “it’s complicated” #HeTriedIt, but unfortunately for him, I keep a stress free life. I’d rather NOT be in a relationship at all than to be in a complicated one.  He later said it was a joke, but by then words were already exchanged (nothing was thrown tho, lol). Was I being petty?  Or were there tons of things already built up to where he coulda dropped a piece of paper and I would’ve bounced? All I do know was “it all started from a stupid argument”.  Can you name a little thing you were arguing over that led to a breakup #OnceAgain?

Tamara Bubble – Once Again (produced by @KrazyFigz) is available on  “Proceed with Caution” EP Deluxe Edition (Buy directly from home page under “Featured Release”)

Get a FREE download of “Once Again” for a limited time *song changes weekly*

Get new Tamara Bubble merchandise here!

Add #OnceAgain to your playlist on Spotify | Youtube | Pandora | Soundcloud | AppleMusic

Find more Tamara Bubble on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Here’s my last post … #OneLastCry [VIDEO]

“Here’s my last Facebook post”

those words rang true twice this year so far. Both Jay Bowdy and Nakia Venant committed suicide on FB LIVE as family, friends and lurkers sat and watched, helpless. Unaware that there was even an issue.

I was deeply saddened by the events because I had written “One Last Cry”, but never recorded it. I keep wondering what if I had released it … maybe they could’ve stumbled across it on Facebook or youtube or spotify before they made that final, fatal decision. Maybe the lyrics would resonate with them and help them continue to fight for their lives.

2 suicides on FB live this week and I’m sad just thinking bout it because I have a song that may save somebody’s LIFE one day, but I haven’t recorded/released it yet .

Well I won’t sit by and wait any longer. I hope and pray this song will help at least one person continue to fight for their lives and happiness.

“If you hear me, screaming. Help me! I’m pleading” …

Please talk to someone if you’re having suicidal thoughts or mental health issues. God 1st. A friend or family member 2nd. Facebook or suicide Hotline 1(800)273-8255 (TALK) or text “GO” to 741741

STREAM #OneLastCry

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Sexy 4 No Reason … Living It Up [VIDEO]

Was that you I saw the other day …

all dressed up, looking bomb, getting ready to do a whole  lot of “NOTHING”?!?!  Are you the type to get cute just to go the mailbox? Do you get all dolled up to go live on Facebook or for a random stop at the grocery? *raises hand slowly* lol, but don’t be ashamed if you do too. You’re not the only one and there’s nothing wrong with looking great and feeling confident if you’re in the mood to … on a regular basis!

As a matter of fact, I just launched my new ‘SEXY 4 No Reason’ collection in my All Things Bubbly merchandise store because there are so many young girls and women out there struggling with self esteem issues, I just want to let you know that you NEVER need a REASON to be SEXY.

I got the idea for my ‘SEXY’ collection from my song “Living It Up”. The line goes “sexy for no reason, let the lady through #BubbleOnDeck”.  Check out the video below and get a sneak peek at my ‘sexy collection’ clip at the end.

Grab your ‘Sexy 4 No Reason TEE‘ or click the photo below to shop my ‘SEXY‘ collection:






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OMG … Family Tree Now has ALL your Personal Info on Blast [VIDEO]

Would you believe me if I told you …

that there’s a scary new site out there sharing way too much of your personal info for free and it’s absolutely legal?!?! If so, press play and check out Episode 29: Scary … Family Tree Now Has ALL Your Personal Info On Blast & How To Delete It ASAP #BubbleOnDeck



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Whoa! Would You Fight Over Bae? [VIDEO]

Have you ever come to blows for bae?

Would you? 👊😠 Why or why not? 💔 #BubbleOnDeck

It’s easy to answer NO when you’re rational, but when you’re hurting and disappointed and the “other chick or dude” is popping off at the mouth … it’s a whole different ballgame! Especially if the 3rd party KNEW you two were in a relationship and you’re feeling angry and betrayed. Marinate on this video and let me know if you’ve ever been a fight over a relationship in the comment section … WHOA!

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