It’s official … Spotify Declares Bubble’s “Legendary” Status with Certified ‘This is Tamara Bubble‘ Playlist

Keep reading for the meaning behind the ‘This Is’ series … yes we googled it bc we’ve only seen these playlists for major celebrity artists 🥴. So when Bubble saw it in her #SpotifyForArtists account, she threw her phone 😵‍💫 because she wasn’t ready📱 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

FOLLOW the official playlist 👉🏽 and just know that Bubble 100% blames this accomplishment and streams on music licensing‼️

She says “We On Superstar 🤩 frfr bc I also discuss my music release strategy in my new book 📚 FROM SYNC TO SUPERSTAR 👉🏽” #BubbleOnDeck

📚 “FROM SYNC TO SUPERSTAR” now available‼️ 👉🏽

✨ Get $10 KINDLE version OR  Buy $15 PAPERBACK version on Amazon via ✨

✨ CashApp $30 to $tamarabubble  + email address to get your autographed copy direct$tamarabubble ✨

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