“Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 3” ? … OUT NOW!

The 3 Peat ALBUM is here & Bubble is applying pure pressure!

We already know she’s your favorite, but press play for 12 more reasons! #BubbleOnDeck

  1. It’s Officially On (?prod by @tamarabubble)
  2. Most Wanted (?prod by @tamarabubble)
  3. Win Big Like Vegas (?prod by @pauliepreset)
  4. Color Me Up (?prod by @tamarabubble)
  5. Go Get The Money (?prod by @thisiscrispin)
  6. Get Excited (?prod by @stankdoc)
  7. Get It Everyday (?prod by @pauliepreset)
  8. I Love Me (?prod by @alex_helton)
  9. Go All Out (?prod by @tamarabubble)
  10. Get Loose (?prod by @pauliepreset)
  11. Really Cool (?prod by @davidthiele)
  12. Doing It Right (?prod by @soulplusmind)