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April 2023

Nobody Cares About Your Music – Episode 25

Nobody cares until you give them a reason to! In this episode, Tamara Bubble breaks down human psychology and how the indie/unsigned artist can MAKE strangers care about their new release! PRESS PLAY for juicy solutions only! #iHearMoneyPodcast #BubbleOnDeck SUPERSTAR CHALLENGE  for my superstars only …. #SHAREtheGIGGLE if at any point in this episode you laugh...

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Baby Syncs Can Be Superstars Too – Episode 22

Stop hanging up on this money … PERIOD! In this episode, Tamara Bubble explains the damage caused when you decline powerful sync opportunities just because the budget doesn’t smell like superstardom! PRESS PLAY and hear all the MONEY you’re missing out on from mistakes YOU made  #iHearMoneyPodcast #BubbleOnDeck ———- I HEAR MONEY PODCAST – Episode 22: Baby...

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