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Libraries are the Devil – Episode 46

Superstars beware … keep your precious music babies away from basic, regular libraries!! In this episode, Tamara Bubble explains the main reason why putting your songs with a library will almost NEVER lead to Superstardom in sync. PRESS PLAY to get a juicy solush and HEAR 100x more money far away from of libraries! #iHearMoneyPodcast...

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Work-For-Hire Legal Hacking – Episode 39

Work-For-Hire vs Ownership … decisions, decisions! In this episode, Tamara Bubble breaks down all your options when creating a song with collaborators, but keeping the full ownership. PRESS PLAY to hear how to legal hack work-for-hire contracts plus get GEMS on creative payment plans! #iHearMoneyPodcast #BubbleOnDeck ———- I HEAR MONEY PODCAST – Episode 39: Work-For-Hire Legal...

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