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The Golden Rule of Sync – Episode 17

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!!! In this episode, Tamara Bubble explains the gold rule of sync and how NO SONG is special enough to break the rule! PRESS PLAY to make sure you don’t violate it and miss out on some big sync MONEY #iHearMoneyPodcast #BubbleOnDeck ———- I HEAR MONEY PODCAST – Episode 17: The...

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One Stop the Madness – Episode 16

I hear you missing out on BIG SYNC MONEY down the road!!! In this episode, Tamara Bubble breaks down all the petty music drama and artist energy that could cost you lots of sync placements! PRESS PLAY for the juiciest solution ever … one stop the madness! #iHearMoneyPodcast #BubbleOnDeck ———- I HEAR MONEY PODCAST – Episode...

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I Can’t Afford Success – Episode 10

You can’t hear money in Sync because you simply can’t afford success. In this episode, Tamara Bubble explains what you really mean when you say “I can’t afford it”! PRESS PLAY to stop making excuses and get some juicy solutions if you do it neowww! #iHearMoneyPodcast #BubbleOnDeck ———- I HEAR MONEY PODCAST – Episode 10: I Can’t Afford...

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